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Elert gadget will allow you to syndicate the contents of your websites
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Elert gadget is a program that will allow you to syndicate the contents of your websites. With this gadget installed in their systems, your followers will receive instant notifications about every new article you write in your blog or site. In order to be able to do that, you must register for free at eLert´s site, and create as many eLert gadgets as you want. Then, you can tell your followers to install eLert Gadget to see your content on their desktops, in iGoogle, My Yahoo, Yahoo Widgets, FaceBook, MySpace, Twitter, Blogger, Word Press, RSS, and many more news aggregators.

You must have Adobe Air installed in order to run eLert Gadget. The program allows you to see the list of gadgets to which you have a subscription, add new ones or delete some of them. You can also set bookmarks in your eLert account, which you can share with anyone. The Bookmark tab will show you the bookmarks that you share. eLert also allows you to create a blog in its server, access it from the client, add, edit and delete entries, or view the blog online.

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